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Welcome to the ZenPvP Store, click on the store menu to choose a category. 


What are credits?

Our credits may be spent on a broad range of per-server benefits in addition to global aesthetic elements. Purchases immediately benefit the server, enabling us to recruit staff, outsource tasks, cover hosting costs, and enhance our services. 

The ZenPvP Credits Disclaimers govern how Credits may be used. Credits are a type of virtual currency that can only be used within the ZenPvP Network. Credits cannot be paid out or utilized for anything else but ZenPvP services, and they don't reflect any type of property interest.

Have a question?

Do you have any queries before checking out? Have you waited for your credits for more than ten to fifteen minutes? For simple help, open a ticket in our Discord channel.

If you have any queries or issues, you can also email us at


ZenPvP is an independently owned entity. The Mojang Studios AB copyright period runs from 2010 through 2024. Neither Microsoft nor Mojang Studios AB are connected to us.

Please be careful to capitalize and utilize the EXACT USERNAME (cAse-Sensitive). Once you have paid for your purchases, take note that it could take 5–15 minutes for them to arrive.

Before making any purchases on our website, please make sure you are familiar with our policies on rules, terms of service, and privacy. Regardless of shop purchases, every player is treated similarly when it comes to the regulations.

Purchases are never eligible for a refund. An immediate and permanent suspension from our Minecraft Network, our Tebex Store, and other Tebex Stores will follow the opening of a chargeback or dispute.

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We are not affiliated with Mojang AB.